ArtSpan:Open Studios
November 10-12

Saturday's Crowd

Chris working the gallery 

Amistead, Christopher, and Philo

Feeling proud

O+ Festival in Kingston, NY

Fred J. Johnston House, Kingston

The O+ Festival and Wellness Fair

Director Rik Lopes

Me looking proud 

Jennifer Krawtiz and Flair SmithJones

Jim Fish and Tricia D'Arabia

Imogene and Kortnee Simmons

Fennel Skellyman and Chris Bick

The cast posing for a selfie after a long day 

The Bechdel Group, NYC
Gina Grandi introducing TRANSGRESS at a reading with The Bechdel Group and The Drama League in New York City, September 25th, 2017 

Theatre Bay Area Celebration
June 2017

Brad Erickson, Executive Director of TBA and Lisa Malette, President of the Board
June 2017 

Round One Cast and Crew 

Photoshoot for PROGRESS
Salton Sea, California 
May, 2017
Abandoned building, Salton Sea Beach, May 2017

Dead fish littered everywhere, Salton Sea, May 2017

A hard shoot in the desert with a strong stench and a plague of misquotes
May 2017 

A portal to hell

A forlorn chair, Salton Sea, May 2017 

"War and Chaos" on set-up 

An abandoned store filled with truck tires, old televisions and bird dropping  

On set for "Tantalus" 

Daniel Cardone checking in 

Tantalus Shoot, May 2017

Cabiria Jacobsen sings The Muse in Galois and David Long on keyboard
April 2017

Lunch after the table reading of TRANSGRESS
Laylah, John, Dennis, Amanda, Karl and David

Chris and me setting up for our Open Studio  

Jennifer Beattie and me after the salon of LETHE
March 2017  

The Artists of Albatross Reach March Salon
Adam Marks, Jennifer Woodrum Jennifer Beattie, Zach Pluse and Adam Tendler

Standing together at The Ghostlight Project
ACT January 2017

Old Website Banner by Chris Turner 2015-2017

Independence Community College, Kansas

Coleman Crenshaw, Daniel Parman, Mike Ott, and Katie Gilchrist
Director Katie Gilchrist, Mike Ott, Daniel Parmen, and me
Beth Henley, Bostin Christopher, and Alice Taun
A Super 8 Rehearsal in the Breakfast Room for Transgress

A selfie with Alice Tuan photobombed by Bostin Christopher
March 2017

William Inge's boyhood home in Independence 

William and I waiting for the "Picnic"

Alice throwing down in Independence, KS

Bicycling to Afghanistan by Karl Schnecke
with At Last Theatre 
November, 2016

Featuring: Jayme Catalano, Alan Coyne, Colleen Egan, Jason Jeremy and Genevieve Purdue
Produced by Alan Olejniczak, Moderated by Jennifer Roberts Graphics by Liana Winternitz

LETHE with The San Francisco Olympians Festival
October, 2016

LETHE at The Exit
JanLee Marshall as Lethe 

DOMINION with At Last Theatre
April, 2016

The cast takes a bow 

Jubal and Esther costumes
Renderings by Arthur Oliver  

The stoning gown

The women's nightgowns

Hammon and Amit

The basic dress for the women of the village

Building the set for Dominion

Stage floor for Dominion completed 

James Hunting expects his work

Our actors warm-up 

Building the benches with James in Sebastopol
March 2016

In rehearsal with  Katharine Otis , Alex Poling and Niamh Collins
PianoFight March 2016

Rehearing the wedding scene
March 2016 

if then(-else) with Dover Little Theatre
April, 2016
Marie-Claude Tremblay and Christopher Stoker 

Unhappy Birthday with Theatre Pub
January, 2016

Original graphic by Cody Rishell

Hylas with San Francisco Olympian's Festival VI 
November, 2015

The Naiads: Layne Austin, Katherine Otis, Heather Kellogg 
Thomas Cokenias as Herakles
Sam Bertkin as the Narrator  
All the playwrights in The Crew
Ashley Cowan Lechber and Alan

Original graphic for SF Olympians Festival and Hylas by Cody Rishell

Olympians Fundraiser in the Golden Gate Park
with Bridgette Dutta Portman and Marissa Skudlarek

Workshop Reading of Dominion 
at The Foundry in Berkeley, October 2015

Getting Dominion up on it's feet at The Foundry 
The string trio
Eli Wirtschafter At Last Theatre hosting us at The Foundry

Genevieve Purdue and Alan Coyne on a ten minute break

Zelda Koznofski playing coy.  

Present Tense with At Last Theatre
April 2015

Photography by Jim Norrena

All graphics for Present Tense Liana Winternitz

Rik passes the jar for the TBA'a Lemonade Fund

Rik and Fennel hosting the first table reading of Present Tense

Dinner afterwards with Karen Offereins and Kat Bushnell 

Paul and Rik in rehearsal
Oakland 2015 

Mike and me hanging lights for Present Tense
ACT Costume Shop

Mike Rigg's Lighting Plot

Load out of Present Tense

Rik paints away the red circle

Feeling proud at the Premier of Present Tense
ACT Costume Shop 2015

The first banner for my website 2014-2015 

Photography by Michael Christopher