Please contact me at alanlolen@gmail.com for information regarding my work. Some of my plays can be found on-line at New Play Exchange. Otherwise, I would be happy to share them.

by Alan Olejniczak (2017)
An immersive theatre piece
Cast: 4 males and 4 females
Four dramatic vignettes that explores what makes a house, a home. 
Premiering at the 2017, 0+ Festival in Kingston NY directed by Rik Lopes and produced at the Fred J. Johnston Museum with The Friends of Historic Kingston. 

by Alan Olejniczak (2016)
One-act drama with a running time of 90 minutes
Cast: 3 males and 4 females
In a religious dystopia where questioning dogma is forbidden, three women learn the power of friendship, love, and the dangers of sacrifice.
Premiering with At Last Productions at Fort Mason, Young Performer Theatre, San Francisco, April 2016. Rik Lopes directing and original music by Charlie Burke.

"At Last Theatre presents this world premiere in a tight, tense ninety minutes with a cast that embodies with great skills the play’s harsh contrasts – both shining and shadowy -- of what it means to be family and community." Eddie Reynolds

Five Honorable Mention Plays of 2016

Present Tense
by Alan Olejniczak (2015)
A full-length drama, with no intermission and a running time of 85 minutes
Cast: 3 males and 3 females
Present Tense is a play of five unrelated vignettes, tied together thematically. It is a drama, a theatrical poem about Middle America. It’s about our dilemmas, failed expectations, difficult choices, and our unwillingness to live in the present. 
Premiered with At Last Productions and The Playwright Center of San Francisco 
at ACT Costume Shop, San Francisco, March 2015. Rik Lopes, director.

"Each takes place real-time for fifteen or so minutes, with the ‘present tense’ of each highly shadowed by histories of turbulent relationships and events and foreshadowed by uncertain futures.  In each, the tension is high, made so by revelations and remembrances and by fears of what may or may not happen next." Eddie Reynolds  

One-Act Plays:

by Alan Olejniczak (2017)
One-act drama with a running time of 25 minutes Cast: 3 males, 1 female, and 1 non-gendered
A play about the detention of Dora Ratjen, a Nazi Olympic athlete and gold medal winner in the woman's high jump, who was later arrested for impersonating a man.
Presented at the 36th Annual William Inge Theatre Festival in Independence, Kansas, 2017
Presented by The Bechdel Group, New York City, September 2017

Last Laughs
by Everett Mattlin, adapted from his book, Last Laughs: A Pocket Full of Wry for the Aging by Alan Olejniczak (2014)
One-act comedy with a running time of 24 minutes Cast: 3 males
Last Laughs has been re-worked into a comic reading. With humor, wit, and refreshing honesty, Everett Mattlin offers his reflections on the realities of aging.
Premiered with Theater West, Sun City West, Arizona, October 2014

10-Minute Plays:

by Alan Olejniczak (2017) Ten-minute drama, Cast: 1 male and 1 female. A teenage girl meets up with an older man and learns that not all things are easily forgiven.  
PianoFight ShortLived VI: Round 1, San Francisco, CA, June 2017

by Alan Olejniczak (2016)  Cast: 1 male female.
Encounter the spirit and drink from the stream of consciousness, the river of oblivion
Premiered with San Francisco Olympians VII: Harvest of Mysteries, October 2016
Performed with Artist of Albatross Reach, The Sea Ranch, CA, April 2017

Unhappy Birthday
by Alan Olejniczak (2015)
A comedy sketch with a running time of 5 minutes Cast: 3 males, 1 female
A sad celebration intercepted and up-ended
Premiered with San Francisco Theater Pub: The Morrissey Plays at PianoFight, January 2016

by Alan Olejniczak (2015) A dark comedy, Cast: 1 male and 3 females. Herakles is on his last adventure when his belovèd Hylas goes missing. Desperate, he encounters the naiads who are holding him hostage. What will the hero do to save Hylas' life?
Premiered with San Francisco Olympians: Dark Wine Seas, November 2015

by Alan Olejniczak (2015) Ten-minute comedy, Cast: 1 male and 1 female. A Silicon Valley programmer is upset over being passed over for a promotion and can't figure out why. His wife knows and must explain it all again. 
Dover Little Theatre, Dover, New Jersey, April 2016
Staged Reading with City Lights Theatre Company of San Jose, October 2015
Shortlisted for Short + Sweet Sidney, 2015 Australia